Software Development

Grupo GD develop solutions for clients through the customized software for companies who want to streamline processes, optimize their resources. Bringing excellent results to their business.

The solutions are based on CMMI Level 2 standards to cover the phase’s development of the solution guaranteeing the customer the delivery dates and the quality of the product.

We own more than 15 years of experience and certified practices to contribute to the success of our clients following the rhythm of the technology.

Types of Development We Do

Grupo GD offers you customized software solutions designed to support your processes and to be user-friendly.

Ask yourself what you need for your company? A computer program specifically designed to improve your business processes, Mobile App, cloud solutions.

What are the advantages of a custom system?

  • Expedite administrative, information and production processes.

  • You optimize resources and time.
  • You have control of the processes.
  • You can measure your company’s performance.
  • You reach major productivity.
  • You minimize mistakes.
  • You save money.

We develop ERP systems that respond to the needs, requirements and the company business goals, so they are formed in personalized modules with information stored in a unique database, that allows the information to be captured only once to be used in any module that requires it, thus, the data that is captured are consistent, complete and common for any operation.

Our company develop and programming mobile apps respond to the customer’s needs. We offer to them the functionality and features that add value to your business..
Types of Mobile applications we develop

Native application for iOS (iPhone, iPad) -Native application for Android:

Are developed exclusively for a mobile operating system. It is worth mentioning that applications can be created in several systems, although this should be considered as projects created separately, which can mean a higher development cost.
Native applications can access all the native functionalities of the device, increasing its possibilities and performance. For example in graphical performance or access to GPS functionality, data, camera, etc.

Hybrid Application:

This type of apps are multiplatform in large part and make use of Web technologies, although they run locally on the device, being able to run also without Internet connection. Being embedded in a browser of a native application have the same type of access to the native APIs of each operating system as to the system’s own resources (processor, GPS, camera, etc.). These maintain the distribution mode of native apps as they can be offered to the App Stores of different brands.

Grupo GD offers you the complete solution for electronic e-commerce. Boosting and increasing your sales using the internet.

How Do We Work?

We work very committed in every challenge we set ourselves, sometimes even more than our customers. We engage passionately with each of the projects and work from the outside as if we were inside.

We evaluate the client’s expectations and the projected results.

We hold consultation meetings and product refinement.

We develop products included for the project

We perform unit and quality tests on products

We make partial deliveries to the customer and adapt the products progressively.

We support the production of the solution.

Customer Successes

ERP Club Salvadoreño


Web and Mobile App


Online Store


Mobile Institutional App


“Since we started the operation with the ERP our communication with each club and administrative processes have been simplified, making our work easier”

“The platform and app has allowed us to manage better the needs of insurance users.”

“Our sales have increased since the online store implementation.”

“The aircraft maintenance app has been certified by the AAC (Civil Aviation Authenticity).”