Software Security

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Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are techniques used by IT security teams to identify and resolve network security, infrastructure on software applications.

These assessments and tests share has a common goal, but the methods and tools used to find and correct security flaws are different. Both are essential for a clear and comprehensive understanding of the risks across the IT ecosystem and should be used together to identify and remedy potential attack vectors and technological weaknesses.

Evaluation of Vulnerabilities

A vulnerability assessment and scanning tool:

  • It uses a broad approach to identify failures and vulnerabilities across the software.
  • Scanning a list of known risks, provided through a vulnerability database.
  • It can be executed automatically and in a programmed way.
  • It consists of four main areas: user interface, vulnerability list, scanning engine and reporting tool.
  • It can prioritize vulnerabilities according to severity, urgency and ease of repair.
  • It will provide suggestions for correcting identified flaws.

Scanning and vulnerability assessment allow early and reliable identification of IT weaknesses. These tools depend on the software provider regularly identifying threats and integrating them into the vulnerability database. Because these tools evaluate previously known security problems, they will also highlight restorative actions to correct these defects. The vulnerability assessment focuses on the reliable identification of risks and the correction of IT failures throughout the software.

Penetration Testing - Pen Test

Principles of penetration testing:

  • It uses a specific approach to try to break with IT security and defenses.
  • It try to simulate in real scenario attack by hackers and other bad actors.
  • Try to get access to critical systems and sensitive information.
  • It adapts to resistance and tries to find new attack vectors.
  • The test is not so concerned with the specific vulnerabilities previously identified.
  • The test uses a variety of software, hacks, scripts and other methods to penetrate the defenses.

The penetration tests allow a deep understanding of how the IT system can be violated. It uses a combination of specialized tools, an understanding of a hacker’s approach and other techniques such as social engineering to achieve results. The penetration tests focus on how a bad actor could violate IT systems through a targeted attack.